5 Best VPN for Iphone in 2023

iOS users can have a strong security feature that is an Apple hallmark. But once you go online, things begin to alter, with snoopers, hackers, and even your ISP operating behind your back.

Furthermore there are a lot of geo-restrictions that block users from accessing their favorite websites and streaming platforms. This is a huge downfall for people who want to watch shows from a different Netflix area or stream Hotstar out of India.

The positive is that the top VPN available for iOS in 2023 will assist you in resolving these issues. Because of its strong security and the capability to alter your location, you’ll be secure online and dramatically increase the level of freedom you enjoy online.

What are the most effective VPN services available for iOS? Stay with us and discover!

Best VPN for Iphone – Top 5 Providers you can use in 2023

Before we share the top 10 service providers for both iPhones and iPads before we do so, let us give you an important disclaimer. The providers we’ll be discussing will be premium providers. That means no gratis VPNs available for iOS will be added into this list.

Why? It’s simply because premium VPNs have superior security, performance and capabilities to block censorship which makes them superior choices. Since this is a most recommended selections for iOS It’s not surprising that we wouldn’t wish to offer you any VPNs that aren’t of the highest quality.

But I can assure that these are inexpensive providers that even those with limited budgets can afford with no issues. In this regard that’s why the list of the top VPNs to use on iOS in 2023 can be found below:

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is at the top of this list. It is the top VPN available for iOS devices that are available on iPad as well as an iPhone. ExpressVPN’s iOS application is very user-friendly, offering a quick setup and one-click connections which we’ve come to love.

Although the application has a minimalist design, the features are hardly minimal. ExpressVPN offers more than 3,000 servers across the world’s 94 countries which makes it one of the biggest VPN providers that are available. In addition, we will give you exceptional performance and offer you the highest speeds you can achieve.

Customers will also appreciate the security features of this VPN. Along with 256-bit encryption ExpressVPN provides IP/DNS leak protection as well as support for Lightway that is an exclusive VPN protocol. Today, you will not find a better choice for performance or total security!

In addition, I think I should also mention the absence of a kill switch for iOS systems. It’s not a major issue considering ExpressVPN’s commitment to privacy. Indeed, the fact that it doesn’t log any data is a clear indication of this particularly due to an audit by PwC, which has been repeated several times in the last few years.

ExpressVPN is, surprisingly the most reliable VPN to stream. It is compatible alongside Netflix US, Japan, and other libraries, however additionally BBC iPlayer and Hulu outside of their countries. In addition, because of the incredible bandwidth, Full HD and 4K streaming is buffer-free.

In addition to being the top VPN to use on iOS, ExpressVPN supports every other operating system. It is also compatible with China and other countries with censorship and can secure up to five devices at once by using it. There’s also 24/7 live chat support which ensures that you have ExpressVPN an all-inclusive package.

Although it’s certainly not being the most affordable option of litter. But, you can take advantage of the discount of 49% and 3 months of free service on the annual plan by clicking the link below. If you do this, you’ll enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee that lets you try the service without the fear of losing any cash.


  • It’s easy to set up Easy setup iOS (iPhone as well as iPad)
  • Serves available in 94 different countries
  • Fastest speeds
  • Stores no logs
  • It works with Netflix US and BBC iPlayer
  • The Lightway protocol
  • Live chat support is available 24/7.


  • There is no kill switch in iOS
  • Not the most cost-effective choice.

2. CyberGhost

CyberGhost is, even though it’s more affordable and more reliable, is the most effective VPN for iOS whether for iPad as well as iPhone. Their iOS client is somewhat outdated and is a little more difficult for users to navigate than ExpressVPN. It’s still user-friendly for newbies to appreciate its warm and welcoming style.

The other thing they’ll appreciate is the presence of over 9,000 servers across more than 91 countries. This huge server park gives excellent performance as dedicated streaming servers that can make things more interesting. In terms of spice, CyberGhost does so security-wise too.

In contrast to ExpressVPN It does have the kill switch on iOS that is a great relief. Furthermore it’s 256-bit AES encryption keeps you safe throughout the day and ad-blocker can eliminate annoying ads from your browsing.

I also love the WireGuard protocol that is available here. It’s thanks to it that CyberGhost VPN is a lot more efficient than before and has steady connections across all platforms. This is particularly helpful when downloading torrents for instance and, I’m certain that you will not do with iOS.

However, CyberGhost also offers a zero-logging policy. At this is backed by transparent reports that are published every three months. The service also works in conjunction with Netflix US and allows you to access TV channels from other countries through high-quality streaming services.

We also need to mention that it has live chat support that is 24/7 available in three language, Seven simultaneous connections and applications for every platform. However, keep in mind that CyberGhost isn’t a viable option in China which isn’t a good thing for those planning a trip in China. If you’re in this situation then go through our list of the top VPNs for China.

But its 45-day refund policy for longer-term contracts, and price tags that are incredibly low offer a fantastic value. What are you waiting for? If you’re looking to save money click here and choose one of the lowest-cost best VPNs available for iOS by 2023!


  • 7,900 servers spread across more than 90 countries
  • Dedicated streaming servers
  • WireGuard Support
  • Zero-logging policy
  • 7 simultaneous connections
  • Solid security


  • A little clunky iOS app
  • Not working in China

3. NordVPN

What is NordVPN? It’s not surprising that NordVPN is on this list by offering an amazing app to iPhones as well as tablets that take less space and doesn’t use any resources. That’s just one of the reasons why it’s the most reliable VPN for iOS currently.

Another reason is the number of server locations, which includes 5,400 spread across 60 countries. Alongside P2P servers available on iOS You also get encrypted servers that can bypass restrictions on censorship as well as Double VPN servers to enjoy two layers of encryption as you route your traffic via 2 VPN servers.

There is also high-quality encryption for banks from NordVPN as well as CyberSec which is an ad blocker and a unique nordlynx-based VPN. Because of this method, NordVPN delivers stunning speeds and highest degree of security.

Naturally, it provides the option of a kill switch which shields your DNS and IP addresses from public scrutiny. Since it is based within Panama, NordVPN offers an unambiguous no-logs policy that has been verified through PwC. This means that your privacy isn’t at risk!

iOS users who enjoy streaming will be thrilled with NordVPN. It is compatible in conjunction with Netflix US, Canada, as well as a variety of other streaming libraries. Additionally it’s able to unblock BBC iPlayer, Prime Video along with Hulu in the outside world of US which makes it an ideal choice to stream entertainment.

In addition, NordVPN offers Threat Protection which includes malware scanners and Dark Web Monitor. This is the most reliable VPN to use on iOS regarding security. The ability to protect multiple devices is available but it supports six simultaneous connections.

It also, as you may expect, it works on the most popular platforms, with beautiful and user-friendly native apps. All this is available at a reasonable monthly price and, with all plans of subscription, NordVPN gives you a 30-day money-back assurance with no hassles.

I’d say that this is a reasonable price for an VPN that is this great. If you’re adamant then click here to avail the cheapest price and experience NordVPN indefinitely!


  • Double VPN servers
  • NordLynx protocol
  • Fantastic performance
  • Verified no-logs policy
  • Threat Protection bundle


  • Sometimes, there are connection issues
  • Expensive long-term plans

4. Surfshark

iOS users with a tight budget should also look into Surfshark. The app’s user-friendly design is customizable and lets you join the servers using just one swipe to the display. With the option of choosing between a light and dark theme, it offers an acceptable amount of customization.

Despite its low cost, Surfshark is surprisingly feature-packed. Its customers can use more than 3,200 servers across 65 countries. It also has MultiHop servers that provide protection. While its speeds aren’t top-of-the-line, Surfshark delivers stable performance in the majority of cases.

The security of Surfshark is anything but impressive. The standard features are included in addition to the 256-bit AES encryption Surfshark provides WireGuard, killing switch, an ad-blocker as well as an ad-blocker, as well as the Surfshark One Suite.

There, you can benefit from its antivirus as well as the incognito mode to enjoy complete privacy in your browsing. Since I’ve mentioned privacy it is also worth praising Surfshark for its policy of no-logging that was vetted by Cure53. That means Surfshark does not store any the history of your browsing and IP address or any other information that could be used to compromise your privacy.

Surfshark is definitely the most effective VPN for iOS due to its many options. For instance, it can work with Netflix seamlessly, while also providing the ability to connect with unlimited concurrently. In simple terms, with just only one subscription, you will be able to secure all devices you own whether it’s iOS, Android, Windows and any additional device you have at your available.

Because of NoBorders mode Surfshark is also available in China and provides 24/7 customer service if you encounter any issues with your VPN. However, they aren’t common however it can take much longer to connect than other VPNs.

A good thing is that the plan with the lowest price is the same as CyberGhost’s plan which comes with a 30 day money-back assurance that is available for all plan. So I can see no reason not to try the service and find its lowest price below.


  • Customizable iOS app
  • MultiHop
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Excellent to stream on Netflix


  • Sometimes it takes a long time to get connected
  • The speeds aren’t the most efficient.

5. ProtonVPN

In the final part, let’s briefly discuss ProtonVPN. It’s a fantastic iOS VPN that works with iPhones and tablets. Its app is simple to use, for the most part and ProtonVPN performed a superb job in optimizing it to the platform, despite its shaky support for specific devices.

However, you’ll find its 1600+ servers across the 63 countries of the world, but not particularly impressive compared with other options in the list. ProtonVPN’s strength is security but it’s not the only one. This is why it provides the most secure encryption, and even an option to kill that has made its way onto iOS devices.

Additionally, we appreciate NetShield’s inclusion, that acts as a dependable ad-blocker. This is in conjunction with ProtonVPN’s OpenVPN and WireGuard support Both of which are among the top VPN protocols to utilize.

As ProtonVPN is located in Switzerland and is based in Switzerland, you can expect from it the best degree of privacy. As it isn’t subject to data retention laws, it adheres to an unrestricted log-off policy without storing any records that contain IP address, DNS requests, geolocation as well as browsing data.

ProtonVPN also has a free version, but it’s very limited. However, the paid version is better since it is compatible with more than just a few Netflix libraries, and also has exclusive streaming server. While not the fastest, ProtonVPN will still provide some decent streaming and is compatible with both your iPhone as well as the huge iPad.

In spite of its position last at the top of this list ProtonVPN does have some drawbacks. Like we said, it’s a slightly slower, however it does not offer live chat service, and its devices support could be improved and it’s more expensive than the other VPNs listed on this list.

However it provides the most secure level of security and allows 10 simultaneous connections in one subscription. However, you will save money with ProtonVPN and also get the cheapest plan below. It also comes with 30 days money-back guarantee on any subscription plan.


  • Kill switch on iOS
  • 10 simultaneous connections
  • Supports OpenVPN & WireGuard


  • Live chat support 24/7 isn’t offered
  • Prices that are expensive
  • Smaller server network
  • Support for devices could see a little improvements

What Can an iOS VPN Do For You?

girl holding ihpone

No matter if it’s the iPhone or latest iPad using a VPN on iOS offers many advantages. Here’s how you can do with a Virtual Private Network can do to enhance your online experience.

Safeguard Your Online Privacy

Privacy online isn’t a reality today in the 21st century. With hackers, ISPs and snoopers circling every internet corner It’s as if we’re not protected enough. To be honest this is the situation for every internet user.

Luckily, the top VPN available for iOS will dramatically make a difference in this. A VPN such as ExpressVPN or NordVPN will give you bank-grade encryption that renders your connection a blurred mess for anyone who tries to get it.

In the end, even your ISP can’t track what you’re doing online, which immediately makes your online activities confidential. Additionally, each VPN listed here stores only a small amount of logs, meaning your personal data is accessible just to the person you use it with.

Unblock Streaming Platforms & Geo-Restricted Sites

Unblocking websites is something users who use VPNs VPN are able to enjoy quite a bit. In the same way the name implies, using a VPN for iOS lets you change your location online to a different country. It can be used to your advantage by allowing access to the various Netflix libraries, such as.

This means you can use Netflix Japan as well as US in other countries, and also access BBC iPlayer outside of the UK. Naturally, the most reliable VPN for iOS will let you access other sites that are blocked by geo. We mean international TV sites, internet bookies, or casino sites ( Roobet for instance).

Thus it is clear that the use of a VPN will give you the best freedom online, allowing you to access websites that go beyond the limits of your typical internet access.

Enjoy Public Wi-Fi Protection

Everybody has their iPhones and iPads everywhere to entertain or for business. When you’re in a cafe or restaurant access to Wi-Fi in public places is the only option to get rid of boredom, and also speed-forward your work schedule.

It’s when you’re caught in a trap that is created by an unprotected WiFi network that’s accessible to individuals and hackers alike. Even a novice hacker could take over this network, and steal the credit card and personal details of everyone connected to the network.

Be aware that public Wi-Fi hotspots typically don’t come with any security or encryption which makes them easily a target. You can however enable VPN on your iOS device. VPN in your iOS device once you connect to Wi-Fi in public.

In this scenario it will route your internet traffic via your VPN server, disguise your IP address and secure your connection. This means that hackers isn’t able to stop into your system, and let you browse the web without any risk.

How to Use a VPN for iOS on an iPhone & iPad (Tutorial)

A significant part of iOS users aren’t technologically proficient. They use their phones mostly for entertainment or to keep connected to one another but when it comes down to using VPNs VPN the majority of them don’t know what it is.

For those who aren’t who aren’t sure, we’ve created a separate article on the VPN definition and the use scenarios. If you are already aware of all you need to know about it and want to learn how to utilize VPN for iOS. VPN on iOS from 2023.

FAQ – Best VPN for iOS

The bottom line is that I believe it’s time to address some crucial questions regarding the top iOS VPN service.

Are there any gratis VPNs to use with iOS?

It’s all about what you consider to be excellent. One of the best cheap VPN to use on iOS can be found in ProtonVPN with its free version, which is also, by the way, provides significantly reduced features when compared to the paid plans. In general, there are any great Free iOS VPN providers available on marketplace (see the article we wrote regarding Free VPNs on iPhone).

The majority of them offer only a limited bandwidth, extremely slow speeds, some server locations and insecure security. Service providers like Hola VPN and Hotspot Shield, for example are well-known for capturing logs and selling that data to third party.

My opinion is that it is not worth the effort to use no-cost VPNs for iOS particularly when you can find some of the best options at just $2.5 monthly. However, these VPNs will outdo any free VPN and, more important, they will not invade the privacy of your users in any manner.

Do you need a VPN to access iOS essential?

A VPN definitely isn’t an essential tool, and anyone can browse the internet without a VPN.

However, if you wish to be protected from online surveillance as well as access restricted online content using it is recommended that you use a VPN is definitely required. Be aware that iOS does not come with an inbuilt VPN but it does have the ability to use the VPN connection, which means you’ll still require an outside service.

Does a VPN designed for iOS work with the older iPhones as well as iPads?

Yes. Apple gives the earlier iPhone as well as iPad variants with latest iOS versions until the point at which they are compatible. You can’t, however, use VPNs using iPhone 2 or 3, users running iPhone 8 and above can utilize all the available VPNs perfectly.

All VPNs that are listed offer apps on the Apple Store. In the Info section, you will look up the system requirements of each one. For instance, ExpressVPN requires at the very least iOS 12.0 in order to work. NordVPN can be used with iOS 11.0 or later.

Surfshark however, on contrary, can work with older versions of the app, beginning with 10.3.3. If you’re using the iPhone or iPad that isn’t older than a couple of years, you’ll have no issues using the VPNs that we’ve provided.

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